The team has spread out today in various capacities. Some have headed back to US. Others to Haiti and others preparing for courses. As many of the initial volunteers are returning to their homes from Haiti, we encourage SCCM members and non members to share their experiences with all of us on this web site. Here are some examples of the dedication and caring of volunteers.

Dr Stephen Fletcher and other volunteers worked at Hopital Sacre Coeur in Milot, Haiti approximately 70 miles north of Port au Prince. He reports that in only 2 days they expanded the hospital from 2 operating rooms with 70 beds to 4 operating rooms and 300 beds. Receiving greater than 40 pts per day. See his posted comments.

Dr Ian Butler, a second year CCM fellow at Cooper Medical Center,Camden NJ helped bring order to chaos at Jimani, Dominican Republic on the Haitian border over the course of a few days. As part of a team of several doctors, nurses and other volunteers from the region and across the globe, numerous lives were impacted because of their interventions.

Dr Ian Butler updates our field team, DrsVictor Matos, Dr Alex Baez, Dr Dana Braner and Dr Randy Wax at Jimani, DR

One common thread that stands out, if it wasn’t for people caring for people on all levels, there would be even more tragedy on this island. So much has been done in less than 3 weeks, but so much more to do. It is now a marathon and as the acute phase is ending, the need for volunteerism and donation will continue.