Enchanting IndiaOur meetings and travels here in India have wrapped up and we begin the long journey home.  The flight from Delhi to Chicago is 15 hours and will give me time to reflect on the many sights, sounds and conversations I  enjoyed during this spectacular trip.  We’ve made many new friends and further cemented long-standing friendships.  If you ever have the opportunity, consider visiting enchanting India.  Its people are warm and friendly, its historic sites are impressive and the food is wonderful.

As some of you may know,  I am a ‘foodie’ and also have a food blog (Cooking with Julian).  There I have posted about my visit to a Sikh Langer (community kitchen.)  Check it out if you have some time and the interest.  I found it quite fascinating and enjoyable. 

I wrap up with thanks to our many members and friends in India, without whom this special journey would not have been possible.