The first Fundamental Critical Care Support course (FCCS) was held at the Iberoamerican Hospital in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on February 1-2. Over sixty medical students, residents, attending physicians, and nurses from the Dominican Republic and Haiti attended the two day course. The course is designed to give basic critical care provider skills to non critical care specialists.

The goal is to help recognize the patient at risk early and to intervene to preventing deterioration.  Elements of Fundamental Disaster Management (FDM) and Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support (PFCCS) course were included. The Society expedited the translation of parts of the FDM and PFCCS  lectures specifically for this course.

All of us and the Dominican health professionals recognized the need to hold this course immediately in the Dominican Republic to give their health care providers some fundamental concepts  to help manage the influx of seriously ill  Haitian quake victims. In addition, to Drs. Baldisseri and Reed, Drs. Alejandro Beaz, Victor Matos,Jose Yunen and Pablo Smester were the instructors for the course. Emphasis on specific topics such as tetanus, crush injuries, and medical transport of patients were added to the preexisting curriculum.

Dr Baez instructing students at FCCS