An SCCM Team is on the ground in the Dominican Republic assessing the situation and developing a plan to augment critical care capacity.  This morning the Team was reported to be in the Jimini, the closest major border city.   Our team reports that contrary to prior reports, the make-shift hospital in Jimini continues to accept air-lifted patients from Haiti. 

Hospital bed capacity for Haiti as of January 24 was reported as follows:

  • 53 beds, USS VINSON
  • 10 beds, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • 50 beds, USS BATAAN
  • 8 beds, FST-Forward Surgical Team
  • 250 beds growing to 1,000 by mid-week USNS COMFORT
  • 10 beds, AF Expeditionary Medical System (EMEDS)
  • 150 beds, Expeditionary Medical Facility (EMF)
  • 8 Haitian hospitals operational, 9 partially operational in PaP
    • General Hospital
    • Hospital de la Paix,
    • Isaie Jeanty
    • Hospital Choscal
    • Carrefour Diquini Hospital
  • 6 field hospitals operational
  • 500 known IDP Camps ( addresses are ambiguous)
  • DHHS: 5 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (35 person teams)