The SCCM team made a 5 hour drive by caravan to visit the the site of the improvised hospital set up in Jimani. Converting a chapel, orphanage, and utilizing a newly built outpatient clinic, every inch of space was utilized.

SCCM met with the physicians coordinating the efforts of several international groups. Surgeries were being performed and post-operative care was being provided with very limited resources. A small pharmacy was setup and limited laboratory testing was able to be performed. Mostly orthopedic injuries and subsequent complications were being treated.

ICU in the Jimani clinic

Particularly poignant was a 7 week old infant that was brought to the hospital last evening. Arriving without family, the child was actively seizing. The presumptive diagnosis was hyponatremia, but without ability to measure electrolytes, the care was essentially intuitive provided by staff not specializing in pediatrics.

With only ability to measure pulse and oximeter, the baby was treated and this morning was sleepy but easily arousable and interactive.

Although numerous patients were treated and moved to a post operative center in the nearby Haitian countryside, there is still a need for nurses  and other personnel to treat the many remaining. What is needed is critical care beds in a stable health care setting. At present there are no critical care beds in all the Dominican Republic. The Society hopes to help develop a plan the aleviate this situation.

Filled to capacity patients spill out in front of the post-operative building.